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Learn the symptoms of common toe injuries to understand when you need medical help

Your toes are key to your ability to move and balance, so when you hurt one of them, it can really slow you down. As part of taking care of your toes, you should know how to tell the difference between a stubbed or bruised toe versus one that’s broken or has another serious condition.

Below are some common toe conditions and the symptoms you should look out for:

  • Broken toeIntense pain accompanied by swelling, stiffness, difficulty walking, and deformity of the toe’s normal shape. Severe discoloration may also be present.
  • Turf toePain and swelling in the big toe joint. Pain spikes when starting to run, and more serious conditions have bruising.
  • HammertoePain and lack of range of motion. May also be accompanied by corns and calluses.
  • Bunions Pain on inside of the foot near the big toe, redness or swelling on the inside of the foot, a visible bump by the big toe. Corns may develop between the first and second toes.  
  • Ingrown toenail Edges of toenail are cutting into skin, may be tender and slightly painful.
  • Black toenail Dark discoloration and bruising under the nail. The nail may possibly be loose or falling off.

Many of these conditions can be treated without surgery, but in some extreme cases, surgery may be necessary.

If you feel you are experiencing any of symptoms above, schedule an examination with a podiatrist. Call Kansas City Foot Specialists today at 913-338-4440 or contact us online.

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